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How My Blog Works

[My blog no longer works like this, but this post is still fun.] I plan on blogging more and I’ve decided to host my own content. My blog was previously on Medium, but I wasn’t happy with that for a few reasons. What’s wrong with Medium? When I read something on Medium, I don’t care who the author is. All Medium articles look exactly the same, so it feels like they are all written by the same faceless person, and frankly, that faceless person is pretty boring.

I Switched to Colemak

I decided to stop being a QWERTY user. If you don’t know what a QWERTY user is, you are one. What’s Colemak? QWERTY is the most popular keyboard layout for the English language. It gets it’s name from the first six characters on the keyboard. Look at any keyboard, perhaps the one on the device you are currently using. That’s the QWERTY layout - a layout so ubiquitous that it leads many to believe it is the only keyboard layout.

I've Been a Developer for One Year

A year ago, at the age of 35, I got my first job as a software developer. It was a long road. I sacrificed a few years of evenings and weekends to get to the point where I was hireable, always longing for the day when I would be paid to write software. It came as a surprise to me when the eminently quotable Gordon Zhu, the closest person I had to a mentor, told me that “getting a job isn’t a great goal.